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GeoMax Zoom3D Robotic System without Pole, Android (6017892)

by GeoMax
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$12,325.00 - $12,325.00
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Finish your tasks faster while ensuring accurate results with the GeoMax Zoom3D Measuring System. It is a motorized 3D measurement system that can be upgraded to a one-person robotic total station. It’s a cost-effective, user-friendly surveying device that can measure and layout any small project sites. When paired with X-PAD MasterPlan, the Zoom3D can perform any daily tasks from as-built surveys to stakeouts and ensure modernized smoother workflows.

Easy Operation Designed for Non-Surveyors The Zoom3D can be turned on and off using only one button, with all operations wirelessly controlled by a mobile device (e.g. tablet) and field software. Thanks to its self-leveling feature, the Zoom3D can be placed on a tripod or any stable flat surface, turned on, and be used right away without time-consuming manual leveling. It’s a real plug-and-play solution that minimizes downtime due to long and cumbersome setups. 

User-Friendly Software with Advanced Functions X-PAD MasterPlan is an intuitive Android software specifically designed to make your work with Zoom3D faster and smoother. This software offers many intelligent features to accurately target, measure, and visualize points on your screen regardless of lighting conditions, visibility, and distance (within its 50-meter range). Once you’re done measuring, you can export data via USB stick or wireless transfer. The X-PAD MasterPlan is a straightforward tool ideal for both indoor and outdoor tasks. 

Upgradable to Micro Robotic Total Station for One-Person Operation Boost your productivity while saving resources by upgrading the Zoom3D to a Micro Robotic Total Station. It has an advanced target recognition technology that precisely aims and tracks the target prism, making precise and quick one-person surveying possible. 

Rugged Build for Tough Environments Built to withstand harsh conditions, the Zoom3D is IP54 water- and dust-proof and can operate in extreme temperatures of 50°F to 122°F (10°C to 50°C).

The GeoMax Zoom3D and X-PAD MasterPlan system offers advanced measurement functionalities at a competitive price. It’s the perfect solution for construction professionals looking for the most cost-effective way to modernize their workflows for higher productivity and profitability.