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Plott Carta 12.5" Digital Measuring Wheel

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Save time, money, and headaches by eliminating the need to do complex math on the job. Plott Carta is the first digital measuring wheel to virtually map blueprints of outdoor spaces with measurements in real time straight to your smart phone. Easily calculate distance, perimeter, and area by simply wheeling Carta around the space. Save important notes, images, and videos on any project to use later or share with others for fast collaboration. After mapping out a blueprint use Carta's guide mode to revisit selected marks.

  • The only digital measuring wheel that will map and measure distance, perimeter, and area right to your smartphone in real time
  • Draw blueprints over satellite images for any outdoor project
  • Save important notes, images, and videos for later use
  • Easily share projects files to other team members for quick collaborations
  • Durable - IP54 industry grade for protection against dust, moisture and water splashes
  • Lightweight
  • Easily foldable kickstand and sliding pole for storage and use
  • Measures in feet, inches, yards or meters