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Leica Laser Glasses GLB30 (780117)

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The Leica GLB30 red laser enhancement glasses allow you to see a red laser dot or red laser line in bright conditions at distances up to 50 feet. These are designed to be used with the Leica DISTO and Leica LINO series of products but can be used to enhance the visibility of any red laser.

The GLB30 glasses feature 3 lenses for all working conditions. The red lens is for red laser visibility, the tinted safety glass is for general eye protection in bright conditions, and the third lens is a clear safety lens. All three lenses are scratch-resistant and both the clear and tinted lenses are non-fogging. The GLB30 includes a Microfibre bag that can also be used for cleaning. The design is very comfortable to wear and with a total weight of only 18 grams, they are extremely lightweight to wear.