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Leica Rod Eye 140 Digital Laser Receiver (789923)

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Leica Rod Eye 140 Laser Receiver with bracket (789923)

  • The Leica Rod Eye 140 Laser Receiver features an anti-strobe protection that detects only the red laser beam and ignores other possible interferes. This laser detector has 11 display channels and three accuracies- fine, medium and course. It also features two large LCD displays on the front and back with three bright LED indicators that can be used as reference for the receiver's position.
  • Multiple Functions: When the laser is detected, the Rod Eye 140 has an audio signal that can be set up to 110-decibels for noisy construction sites. It also features beam finding, which causes the laser receiver to beep twice when passing through the laser beam. In addition, out of beam display indicates the direction to move to return to the laser beam when the detector is moved out of range.
  • Durable Design: This Leica laser detector also includes a versatile rod bracket that ensures solid mounting to your grade rod and a built-in level vial for good alignment and improved reading accuracy. With an IP67 rating and protective overmold, it is dustproof and water resistant. It also has a 50-hour battery life using two alkaline batteries, low battery alert and auto shuts off after ten minutes to save on power.
Product Highlights:
  • Three detectable accuracies
  • 11 arrow display channels Rod bracket
  • Anti-strobe protection
  • Beam finding beeps twice when receiver passes through the laser beam
  • Level vial ensures good alignment
  • Audio indication for noisy jobsites
  • 50-hour battery life
  • Water resistant and dustproof to IP-67
  • Dual graphic LCD display
  • Three bright LED indications
  • Protective overmold
  • Low battery alert