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Leica ULTRA Advanced Locator

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The Leica Pipe and Cable Locator is an outstanding precision utility tracing instrument for tracing buried utility lines accurately for safe underground excavations and utility surveys. It features 100 programmable operating frequencies that allows configurations for different project environments. It has a line direction compass with proportional L/R arrow guidance. These locations and measurements are shown in the high-contrast graphical LCD.

This precision utility tracing system is available in either standard or advanced type. The latter features an Offset Measuring for locating target lines that are not directly accessible from above, which measures horizontal and vertical distance to the line. It also has the Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM), which digitally analyses the surrounding area for noise and recommends the best frequencies for accurate utility tracing. It also has the Bluetooth capability.

This tracing instrument is made of durable materials and fulfills the toughest standards. Its IP65 protection class rating assures that this device is shock resistant and is protected against water and dust ingress. It is powered by two D-cell or LR20 batteries and can work up to 30 hours of continuous use or 70 hours of intermittent use.

Please note: Ultra Standard (818699) could not do Ambient Interference Measurements (AIM), no offset measuring, and no Bluetooth; While Ultra Advanced can do Ambient Interference Measurements (AIM) as well as offset measuring, and has Bluetooth.