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Leica ULTRA Standard Transmitter 5W (818702)

Original price $2,550.00 - Original price $2,550.00
Original price $2,550.00
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The Leica ULTRA Precision Utility Tracing Transmitter is an essential tool for tracing buried utility lines accurately for safe underground excavations and utility surveys. It works perfectly with the Leica ULTRA Standard and Advanced locators automatically and directly with the cutting-edge communication link between devices. It features up to 100 custom frequencies from 256 Hz to 83 kHz and a frequency range of 256 Hz to 200 kHz.

This transmitter has a high-contrast graphical LCD and supports 17 user selectable languages. It is available in 5-watt and 12-watt standard types and a 12-watt advanced type. The advance version features a dual output, receiver/transmitter communication for remotely controlling of the transmitter, and an external 12-volt power connection.

The ULTRA transmitter is built and designed to withstand the ever-changing and harsh outdoor conditions. It has the IP65 environmental protection class which guarantees that the device is shock resistant and is protected against water and dust ingress. It is powered by 10 D-Cell (LR20) or Li-Ion battery pack and can last up to 100 hours of use.