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Leica CET103 Professional Multifunctional Elevator Tripod

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Leica CET103 (768033) Professional, multifunctional aluminum elevator tripod with shoulder strap, fast clamps and bubble, min. working height 84 cm, max. extension 246cm (incl. extendible center column), with mm-scale, exchangeable rubber feet.
    • The Leica CET103 elevating tripod is constructed of medium weight aluminum for added durability when used with a variety of laser levels including the Leica Roteo models. Its height measures between 33 inches and 8 feet tall. It has an adjustable column with a 12-inch crank, which can be fine-tuned in millimeter increments for exact height adjustment, and the elevating column can be raised an additional 26 inches.
    • This aluminum tripod comes with a bubble level for precise leveling at all your project sites. The Leica CET features three quick release clamps, a 5/8-inch 11 tripod thread as well as black removable rubber feet to help keep the tripod in place indoors on slippery surfaces and pointed feet for uneven or outdoor surfaces. 
    • Medium weight aluminum
    • Extends between 33" to 8ft
    • Elevating column
    • Hand crank
    • 5/8" - 11 thread
    • Bubble level
    • Rubber feet