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Leica FTA 360-S for DISTO S910

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  • The Leica FTA360-S tripod adapter ensures precise targeting when using the Disto S910 laser distance meter. It allows perfect positioning of the laser device and features fine adjustment that greatly increases accuracy when taking indirect measurements.
  • By providing stability, the FTA360-S adapter enables construction professionals to easily aim over long distances. It is convenient, robust, and fits perfectly on Leica TRI70, TRI100 and TRI200 tripods (sold separately).
  • Compatible with Leica Disto S910
  • Perfectly positions laser device
  • Fine adjustment system for accurate targeting
  • Rotating axis, tilt axis and laser axis meet in one point
  • Minimizes measuring deviation for indirect meaurements
  • Fits Leica TRI70, TRI100 and TRI200 tripods