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Leica FTA360 Precision Tripod Adapter (799301)

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The FTA360 Tripod Adapter seamlessly connects with the Disto D810, E7500i , D5, and D8 laser distance meters for better precision and accuracy. Featuring a stable platform, 360-degree rotation, and fine-tuning knobs, this tripod adapter is great for targeting objects over long distances and eliminating errors in pythagoras measurements.

Easy to use, this adapter can be set and adjusted on any flat surface. By simply entering an offset point of negative 2-9/16-inch (-0.065m), calculations can be achieved with the Disto D810, E7500i , D5, and D8 laser distance meter based on the center of rotation. The FTA360 attaches perfectly to either the Leica TRI70 or TRI100 tripod (sold separately).