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Sokkia B40A-25 24X Automatic Level (1009572-53)

by Sokkia
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Sokkia has been building automatic levels since the 1950s They have the most experience, and over the years have probably built the most auto levels worldwide Sokkia B series B40, B30, B20 automatic levels feature excellent reliability under all environmental conditions and are more tightly sealed against water, dust and humidity (IPx6)

The Sokkia B40A Automatic Level has following features:

  • Very short focus distance of 7.9 in. (20cm) from end of telescope makes it easiest to use in confined locations.
  • One-speed focus knob: Good Sokkia optics 24x magnification, Gun site type quick sighting aid
  • Two knobs of endless horizontal motion drives can be operated with either hand for fast and easy aiming. reduces operator's eye strain.
  • Accuracy B40 2mm (better then 1/16") 1/km double run leveling .5" second setting accuracy of the compensator. (this is the repeatability of the compensator) Questions about accuracy? give Benchmark Bob a call.
  • Horizontal Angle Measurement Horizontal angles can be read in 1°. Freely rotatable circle allows any angle reading from zero. Right angles can be quickly set for layout and alignment tasks. The readout window is conveniently located on the instrument base — directly below the eyepiece.
  • Quick collimation and horizontal angle measurement combine for fast and easy aiming of layout and alignment tasks. Sokkia B series Builders automatic levels provide outstanding precision for all leveling tasks.