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Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital Laser Receiver (789924)

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Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital Laser Receiver and Bracket (789924)

    The Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital Receiver includes a digital display in a choice of five units of measure (mm, cm, in, fractions of in, and ft.) with millimeter level accuracy. The detector features anti-strobe protection that detects only the red laser beam and ignores other possible interferes.
  • Advanced Settings: The Rod Eye 160 boasts five different detectable accuracies – very fine, fine, medium, coarse and very coarse. There are also fifteen arrow display channels, along with four audio settings. The capture function lets you save a measurement and display it later, and with the menu function, you can save your setting preferences.
  • Multiple Functions: The Rod Eye 160 beeps twice when it receives the laser beam. It is also programed to ignore other lighting. When the beam is out of range, there is an arrow display that points back to where the laser is. This laser detector features automatic shut off to save on battery life.
  • Durable Design: The Digital Rod Eye has the same classic design as the Classic Rod Eye 140, including the protective overmold that makes it safe from falls. The IP67 rating indicates that this receiver is dust-tight and waterproof. The rugged rod clamp keeps the detector mounted firmly to your grade rod. It also works up to 50 hours using two standard alkaline batteries.
  • Five detectable millimeter level accuracies
  • 15 arrow display channels
  • Digital readout of measurements in mm, cm, inches, fractions of inches and feet
  • Rod bracket
  • Anti-strobe protection
  • Capture function to store and display a measurement
  • Beam finding beeps twice when receiver passes through the laser beam
  • Level vial ensures good alignment
  • Four audio settings for noisy jobsites
  • 50-hour battery life
  • Water resistant and dustproof to IP-67
  • Dual graphic LCD display
  • Three bright LED indications
  • Protective overmold
  • Low battery alert
  • 3-year warranty.